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Mixers & Blenders Mixer - a kitchen appliance for mixing and whipping, creating smooth air of any products. Sauces, creams, batters, proteins - all under the power of the mixer. Ice, of course, not a mixer raskolesh. Blender - a powerful instrument capable of a few minutes chop vegetables and beef, chop ice, rub puree, whip the eggs, to make a cream. Its function - it grinding and mixing. Due to the attachment of the knives can be ground or minced apple until mushy state and Whisk vzobet protein. Blender successfully competes with the food processor, because some function food processor is simply not used because of their bulkiness. Blender is mobile, easy to use and takes up little space compared to the food processor. All devices can be divided into the following groups: fixed; immersion; for koteyley. How to choose a blender?

 In stores and on the Internet there is a vast shelves of many different types and models of the appliance. Each type is designed for specific functions only need to be able to choose the most suitable. There are two main types of device - Submersible and stationary. 

Before you choose between stationary and submersible blender, you need to decide which option is more suited to your kitchen. How to choose a suitable blender for you? Let's deal with! IMMERSION OPTION

Immersion variant of the device - it is, quite simply, a pen with the engine and a set of nozzles. They are very popular because of the versatility and ease of use. The nozzle wear, immersed in any capacity with the products, whether glass or bowl, whisk and ground or its contents. The main thing that the container had high walls. In this case the device has to handle during its entire operation.

 Some consider it inconvenient, but the process works by virtue of the power requires quite a bit of time. Abundance of food or cocktails with the help of a submersible unit not to cook. But it does not take up so much space, you can remove it on a shelf or placed on the bracket, and the capacity of the blender can be used at their discretion. Immersion model is very good at cooking a small amount of food, such as mashed potatoes for your baby. 

When you select it you should pay attention to the power of its engine. If you purchased the blender for crushing frozen food or ice pick, its capacity should be at least 400 watts. Immersion models may have a different range of speeds from 1 to 24. But usually missing five or eight speeds. Well, if the blender has a smooth gear change from pulse mode. In pulse mode is convenient to control the speed of a simple keystroke.

 Bits - these are the main attributes of the device. The completeness is usually included with the nozzle blades for mixing and grinding products. It is better if it is made of metal. Plastic can not withstand heat when hot products are recyclable. There are other kinds of attachments: the grinder; powdered sugar mills; beaters. Sometimes a multi-cup chopper. This is a closed container with a lid and different nozzles. Those who use the vacuum container, will be useful for attachment to a vacuum pump to evacuate air from the container. Sales, submersible cordless blenders. They are convenient in that they can not work on the network, but from the charged batteries. For convenience, the better to choose a model with rubber handle. If in a small kitchen is not so much space, and you need a small device, the submersible would be the best option. STATIONARY BLENDER As shown, to select landline blender, which will be indispensable in the kitchen, you need to have some knowledge about this powerful device. Blender stationary main difference is that its high capacity of narrow fixed to the housing with an electric motor. Inside the container is a work knife - the main tool grinding.

 Power stationary model affects the speed of rotation of the milling cutter. I tend to crush ice viscous products, nuts, need a powerful instrument, and in this case it is better to choose a model with capacity not less than 600-800 W, and including for the manufacture of a variety of cocktails. Volume of working capacity blender is from 0.4 liters to 2 liters. But it can not be filled up to the brim. Approximately 15% of the container must remain free for the free mixing of products. 

On a small family of two suitable bowl 1 liter. cup material can be different, they may be made of glass, plastic, metal. The main thing is that the material quality, especially plastic products. Cheap plastic quickly becomes cloudy, absorbs the pungent smells of spices, is subject to mechanical and thermal damage. If the blender will prepare dishes of hot food, it is best to fit glass or metal. Sometimes there bowl of composite materials, such as polycarbonate. 

They have a lightness, strength, do not fight and do not darken, are not afraid of high temperature. The device with a bowl of composite material is more expensive, but if you can afford it, it is better to choose it. By the way, it is very convenient when the bowl has a spout. 

Cocktails and liquid products are not poured out by during the transfusion. Usually knives in bowls stationary blenders are not removed, they are built directly into the container. Some devices have included additional capacity. Sometimes on sale across stationary versions with removable attachments, such as an ice pick or whipping. If the kitchen is enough space, it is best to purchase a device with removable cups because of its ease of use. The range of speeds stationary blender is from one to twenty. The higher the speed, the faster the device smaller and slicing products. Pulse mode is good for viscous products dense consistency. In conventional practice, cooking is sufficient velocities 5-6, but if often do cocktails, it is possible to consider a blender with 20 speeds up, because the different ingredients cocktails require different degrees of fineness. 

From the shape of knives and the number of cutting surfaces on them depends on the speed of the blender and grinding products. Knives with several curved planes pulverized products quickly and uniformly, for example, a double knife with several cutting edges. We have two fixed device control method - mechanical and electronic. Electronic control with a choice of software is very convenient, as the program has laid the necessary time and speed. For example, if you need to cook mashed potatoes, it remains only to lay the necessary ingredients, select the sauce cooking programs, including the button and wait. Self-cleaning function - very simple, but handy feature. In a bowl pour enough water with detergent and switch.

 Then wipe dry container. The hole in the lid of the container to add the product convenient because during operation can be added to a bowl of the necessary ingredients, without turning off the device. There is one point that must be considered before choosing a blender for cocktails. Some of them have an important cocktail device - tap: you do not need to turn the container to pour into a cocktail glass. For security, some models have a sensor that switches the engine off when it overheats. COMBINED MODEL This variant combines the functions and features of the previous two types, avoiding their disadvantages.

He has a good complete set, consisting of an immersion blender, a variety of attachments, vacuum pump, number of containers, the knife for chopping ice. It can be called a mini-combine. Combi-blender versatile and can replace meat grinder, coffee grinder, juicer. He has only one drawback - the high cost. As you can see, the choice of the blender depends on your preference and the available space in the kitchen. We hope that these simple tips and rules will facilitate your search and help you buy a reliable assistant for the preparation of various dishes!Click here to change this text. Please do not copy and paste text into the editor.